Monday, March 9, 2015



When I typed in the search bar for "vector artists", Dan Mumford's art work immediately caught my  eye. His use of vibrant and highly saturated vectors against bold, pitch black lines really bring his pieces to life. He is a freelance illustrator based in London, England and has made a line of clothing called Mumford clothing as well as prints that are available through his website (linked below). 

Many of his works are seemingly deeply rooted in narrative, containing a sort of esoteric quality to them. For example, the print titled Blood Sample was influenced by the novel "Blood Sample" as well as a live musical performance. The negative space of the black areas creates an ethereal and soft focus on both faces in the composition. Their faces feel as if there were a fire lighting them from within and the yellow hues outlining their faces. Many of his other works use these sort of complex, detailed vectors to create light and shadow as well as depth of space. Looking at these works, I hope to emulate the sort of ebb and flow kind of vector art that Mumford is going after by using negative space to emphasize specific vectors more than others. Also, the highly texturized and emotional depth I feel when viewing these works is also something that I want to capture in this upcoming Project.

Blood Sample
Ghostbusters 2

Radiant Dusk

Radiant Dusk (detail)

Reference Links

1. Dan Mumford's website where all images and biographical information come from: