Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Artist Blog Post: BOBBY CHIU

~Bobby Chiu~

Born in Toronto, Canada, Bobby Chiu is a famous digital media, freelance artist and art teacher at Sheridan College. At the age of 17, he snagged a few jobs designing toys for oh say, Pixar, Disney and Star Wars to name a few. He is the creative director of the website Imaginism Studios where a large amount of his work can be seen. His work is mostly featuring animals and hybrids of animals with humanistic qualities, giving off very anthropomorphic vibes. His works, although beautifully crafted in Photoshop, are not your average animated image. These works feel like paintings, the light looks like a photo: you could view these works over and over again and get something different out of it. 

 "I believe that artists do their best works when they do what comes most naturally to them. I guess I'm just naturally drawn to paintings that anyone of any age or from any culture will be able to understand."-Bob Chiu

References: Bobby Chiu's Website:

An Interview from It's Art Mag:

All Images from Imaginism Studios

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